• Instructions and Informed Consent for Oral Dental Sedation

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    With some dental procedures,  the use of oral sedation  techniques are utilized for your comfort and safety. The following instructions should  be followed for Haldan (Triazolam) oral sedation:

    1. Make sure you advise the dentist of any medications you may currently  be taking, such as antibiotics.
    2. This drug should not be taken if you are pregnant.
    3. Do not eat or drink anything for 6 hours prior to the appointment time other than a small amount of water to take the medication.
    4. No alcohol for 24 hours prior or 24 hours after taking this drug.
    5. You should not drive a car or operate potentially  dangerous machinery while under the influence of this drug.
    6. You should expect some short-term  memory loss usually associated with the first few hours following taking the drug.

    I understand the above instructions and will comply with them and will follow the post-operative instructions for my own comfort and safety. I have had the opportunity to ask questions concerning these procedures and received the Triazolam oral sedation information form.



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